Gizem Sarsınlar

E.C.E. Student | Designer | Developer Candidate :)

About Me

Hello, I’m Gizem Sarsınlar!
I'm an Electronics and Communication Engineering 2nd grade student at IZTECH. I am very enthusiastic to work and learn in new areas of interest. I am up on current technological developments through conferences and seminars. I want to improve myself on Embedded Systems and Internet of Things. The areas I am interested in are not only related to my department. I am also keen on graphic designs and website design as a freelancer.

Personal Information

Full Name
Gizem Sarsınlar
Date of birth
May 4, 1999


High School
Karacabey Anatolia High School


Turkish native
English intermediate
German elementary



Ege University - EBILTEM TTO

It is a hackathon about art technologies under the subject of “Data Art: Visualization of Scientific Data, Artistic Expression of Visualized Data”. Firstly, we were asked to visualize the data of the hospital staff of Ege University on hand hygiene. We made the data into a table with Phyton language. As a last step, we were asked to find a solution to this problem with an artistic approach. We also made a 3D modeling consisting of a doctor who reaches out to the child with his unhygienic hand and a child with a disinfectant to be displayed in the visible area of ​​the hospital. So 36 hours later, we became the 2nd as Redesign team.

Volunteer Experiences

IZTECH HyperJam Game Hackathon Design Coordinator (January 2021 / March 2021)

IZTECH HyperJam is a game hackathon organized by IEEE IZTECH in cooperation with Uncosoft. During this enjoyable process, I worked as a design coordinator, worked on competition posters, social media posts and website design. At the Hackathon, the participants developed their games, the jury members evaluated the games and the awards found their owners. We saw very creative content for 2 days, witnessed new friendships, developed on the one hand, and played on the other hand. Some developers even found new teammates. The teams that started to develop their games on 26.03.2021 21:00 ended on 28.03.2021 at 10.00 with the "loop" theme. Afterwards, the winners were determined with the evaluation of the jury.

IZTECH RoboLeauge Technical Team Member (April 2018 / October 2018)

Iztech RoboLeauge is an event that occurs great interest every year. People of all ages race their robots with great enthusiasm on determined days. I took part in the technical team in this great event. Especially during the summer, I worked with my teammates at the school and completed the shortcomings for the event. I had the opportunity to develop HTML and CSS capabilities when making website edits. I have also entered into the design field by helping some design works. I also saw the benefit of working as a team to personal improvement. It was so useful event for me.

Monovi Incudemy PANDA's Member (June 2018 / October 2018)

Monovi Incudemy is a software program for students improving themself. First of all, participants separated to different groups. My group was PANDA. It had 6 membes that studied different departments. At the end of the program, all of the groups presented their projects. Our project was a place of library problem at IZTECH. C#, msSQL, Scrum and SAP courses were very important for finishing our project, so we attended this courses. We learned the project creation process. It was a very useful experience.


Hack4Art Certificate of Participation Click here to view the certificate
Basic Drone Training Click here to view the certificate
7. Digital Career Summit Click here to view the certificate
Google Cloud Essentials Click here to view the certificate
Websites and Web Applications Click here to view the certificate
Intro to ML: Image Processing Click here to view the certificate
Baseline: Infrastructure Click here to view the certificate
OK Google: Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant Click here to view the certificate
Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training Course Click here to view the certificate
Introduction to Coding, Arduino and 3D Printers Click here to view the certificate
CyberEge'18 Introduction to Cyber Security Click here to view the certificate


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • C
  • Arduino
  • HTML
  • CSS

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